Yard Waste and Special Pick Ups

Tom Walters Company offers Yard Waste and Brush Removal as an additional service and fee.

  1. Yard waste is considered to be grass clippings, garden flowers, brush, tree trimmings and leaves, and garden plants
  2. Yard waste is picked up on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Call ahead to our office to schedule pick up.
  3. All yard waste must be on the curb or maintained alley. Bagged or bundled. Bags must weigh less than 50lbs.
  4. Bags require $2 yard waste sticker. Stickers may be picked up at the office or mailed to your residence. Many customers plan ahead and buy in bulk at the beginning of mowing season!
  5. Hauling of brush and tree trimmings is priced on an individual basis. Call for estimate. All brush needs to be bundled in no more than 5 foot length and up to 2 foot in diameter

Special Pickups

State, county and city laws and regulations require separate dumping for many items. These items may not be mixed with regular trash. They include but are not limited to yard waste, brush, appliances, tires, batteries, wet paint and hazardous waste. The removal of these items as well as items that do not fit in your residential cart or can will require a call to arrange pickup. Additional charges will apply, call for quote.

Tom Walters Company does not haul dirt or pet waste.

Appliances such as water heaters, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators are charged a $30 each hauling fee.

Residential charges for tvs under 27” are $5 each, call for quote on larger models.

Paint that has been completely dried with cat litter mixed into it may be hauled with trash. Paint must be dry and lid must be off of can.

Items such as furniture and carpet are charged on an individual basis. Please call office to arrange quote.

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